Elopements & Destination Weddings

Ready to just run away?

I’d love to give you epic, natural photos to help you remember it for generations to come.

I love photographing elopements and destination weddings. Although traditional weddings still get me, the simplicity of a couple, in love, choosing to forgo tradition and just get married… it just makes me happy.

Recent Elopement & Destination Photography

Packages and Prices

There’s no easy way to price elopements or destination weddings. They are, by definition, unique! So these are a few simple guidelines/ideas of what I charge for elopements, just contact me for a definite quote and for destination weddings! I absolutely LOVE elopements and destination weddings, so I try to be an affordable photographer, as much as possible!

Family Portraits


Day-of family portraits and couple pictures. We’ll meet on your wedding day, at a pre-determined location, and we’ll do the traditional family portraits, then 30-40 minutes of pictures with just you two in your wedding clothes. In total they take about 1-2 hours.

Courthouse Elopement


If you’re going to the courthouse, but want some amazing photos, let’s do it! I love doing simple weddings and getting amazing pictures! So this would get you some photos at the courthouse, photos with family/friends, and then going to a beautiful location near you to take some wedding portraits! This also usually also allows time for a couple of candid photos at a nearby reception at a local restaurant or home!

Adventure Elopement


If I was going to get married again, I’d do it this way. I’d start the day driving up to the top of a mountain or the middle of a National Park with a couple of my closest friends and a beautiful wedding dress. Up there, I’d meet with an officiant, and my dearly beloved would hike up the hill after me. Then, we’d get married at the top of a beautiful mountain with nobody but God and our closest friends. This would include my accompanying you for a full day of camping, hiking, and festivities with up to 3 hours of driving from LA.

Some of My Favorite Elopement and Destination Wedding Photos