Engagement/Couple Photography Locations | In Nature | Boise, ID

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Engagement/Couple Photography Locations | In Nature | Boise, ID

As always, the beauty of nature is seasonal, so it depends on what you’re going for, but certain spots aren’t open all year round. People always ask me the best spots for engagement photography in Boise, though, so I’ve compiled a list and I’m including how far it is from downtown Boise.

Redfish Lake

142 miles from Downtown (3 hours). Redfish Lake is a popular mountain like with a lot of beautiful views. Open year-round.

Stack Rock Trail

17.4 miles from Downtown (55 minutes). A nature trail that is 9 miles from beginning to end. Starts about 13 miles up Bogus Basin Road. Lots of shade.

Sawtooth Lake

July-Late Fall. 134 miles from Downtown (almost 3 hours). Moderate hiking trail, 10 miles to get to the lake.

Sunny Slope Orchards in Spring

31.7 miles from Downtown (37 minutes). During springtime, the orchards at Sunny Slope (cherries, peaches, apples) come into full bloom. The exact dates vary from year to year, so be sure to contact me for exact dates. It’s an amazing spot for bright, romantic photos.

Bogus Basin Road

11.7 miles from Downtown (28 minutes). If you’re not sure where to go and don’t mind an arid, foothill style complete with sagebrush, then just head up the Bogus Basin Road. Especially at certain times in spring, or at sunset, the colors come alive and can make for some good photos.

Bruneau Sand Dunes

61.5 miles from Downtown (1 hour 6 minutes). If you’re looking for more of a desert feel, the Bruneau Sand Dunes, about a half hour from Mountain Home, is beautiful! It’s a great big couple of dunes that can be very modern and high fashion or romantic.

Lake Lowell

27.4 miles from Downtown Boise (56 minutes). Lake Lowell has some beautiful spots around it that are perfect for pictures.



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