The Pitfall of Patriotism and an Amazing Family Photography Session

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The Pitfall of Patriotism and an Amazing Family Photography Session

I was doing event photography in Meridian awhile ago for a “learning about the government” convention. A bunch of kids got together and learned directly from senators, financial managers, professors, etc. One line kept coming up that bothered me. “What makes America the greatest is…” fill in the blank. Because of our constitution. Our rights. Whatever.

America is pretty cool. Her foundation lies on sound principles that were hard-learned from watching other governments’ failings and written with logic and human nature in mind. The first settlers fled from corruption and persecution, and rebelled because of an unfair governance. But America is not the greatest. No country could really claim that title. We lead in things like military spending, obesity, crime, GDP, income, incarceration, and pride. And that’s the downfall of every nation. When we stop trying to become better, as individuals and communities, we fall. Other countries have a lot of things right. For example, French people don’t have a high chance of dying from heart disease. In the USA, it’s the leading killer. Instead of congratulating ourselves so much, we should make sure we acknowledge other country’s cultural triumphs, study them, and do what we can to imitate the good.

On a completely unrelated topic, these are a few amazing pictures from a recent shoot I did with a military family. To me, they were one of those families that you feel instantly comfortable around, like you’ve known them for years instead of a few minutes. I absolutely loved our session and the results of it.

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