Ready to just run away? Can’t wait to be married to the love of your life?


My husband and I are both introverts. The worst part of the wedding was being the center of attention, and I got horrible stage fright right before. If I were to marry Matt again, we would pick an epic location at the top of a mountain, with a beautiful vista, and marry each other right at sunset.

Eloping, in the past few years, has had a resurgence. Not because you’re pregnant or sneaking away from your parents, or ashamed of your husband, but because weddings have become such a big ordeal that it’s really tempting just to skip it. Even just the money involved with a traditional Los Angeles wedding is astronomical, not to mention the logistics and stress. And if that’s what you’ve always wanted, you should do it!

But for certain times, and certain people, eloping sounds really good. And having them documented is an essential. I love being an elopement photographer. The simplicity of a couple, in love, choosing to forgo tradition and just get married… it just makes me happy. Especially during global pandemics, eloping with just a few friends is the perfect, safe solution.

Packages and Prices

There’s no easy way to price elopements or destination weddings. They are, by definition, unique! So these are a few simple guidelines/ideas of what I charge for elopements, just contact me for a definite quote and for destination weddings! I absolutely LOVE elopements and destination weddings, so I try to be an affordable photographer, as much as possible!

Family Portraits


Day-of family portraits and couple pictures. We’ll meet on your wedding day, at a pre-determined location, and we’ll do the traditional family portraits, then 30-40 minutes of pictures with just you two in your wedding clothes. In total they take about 1-2 hours.

Courthouse Elopement


If you’re going to the courthouse, but want some amazing photos, let’s do it! I love doing simple weddings and getting amazing pictures! So this would get you some photos at the courthouse, photos with family/friends, and then going to a beautiful location near you to take some wedding portraits! This also usually also allows time for a couple of candid photos at a nearby reception at a local restaurant or home!

Adventure Elopement


If I was going to get married again, I’d do it this way. I’d start the day driving up to the top of a mountain or the middle of a National Park with a couple of my closest friends and a beautiful wedding dress. Up there, I’d meet with an officiant, and my dearly beloved would hike up the hill after me. Then, we’d get married at the top of a beautiful mountain with nobody but God and our closest friends. This would include my accompanying you for a full day of camping, hiking, and festivities with up to 3 hours of driving from LA.

Some of My Favorite Elopement and Destination Wedding Photos