These are my prices for wedding photography in Los Angeles, plus wedding videography in LA. Keep in mind that I do custom quotes quite a bit, so if you’re looking for affordable wedding photo packages, just let me know what you’re looking for! If you want to know why wedding photography costs so much, check out this blog.

Budget Photography


  • 3-4 Hours
  • 2 Locations (for example, ceremony/reception)
  • Online Proofing
  • Get your photos in 2-4 weeks
  • 20 Photo Edits ($10 per additional)
  • Access to ALL photos from the event (Proofs, see below)
  • Complimentary Shot List
  • Photos available online for 3 months
  • Free Engagement or Save the Date Shoot
  • Express Editing: first edits will be in your inbox in 24 hours
  • Wedding Album Print & Design Included
  • Free consultation on wedding timeline

Silver Photography


(Most Popular!)
  • 8 Hours
  • 4 Locations
  • Online Proofing
  • Get your photos in 1-3 days
  • 100 Photo Edits ($4 per additional)
  • Access to ALL photos from the event (Proofs, see below)
  • Family Shot List
  • 50% off Engagement or Save the Date Photos
  • Photos available online for 6 months
  • Wedding Album Print & Design Included
  • Free consultation on wedding timeline

Gold Photography


  • Unlimited hours on the wedding day (up to 8am-midnight)
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Online Proofing
  • Get your photos in 24 hours
  • Unlimited Photo Edits
  • Access to ALL photos from the event (Proofs, see below)
  • Family Shot List
  • Second shooter included if needed
  • Free Engagement or Save the Date Shoot
  • Wedding Album Print & Design Included (see examples)
  • Photos available in an exclusive gallery for 1 year

Mercy does photography, Matt does videography. Since we are a husband/wife team, please just ask us for a custom quote if you’re looking at both photos/video. We frequently give good discounts for hiring both of us, because we love to work together! 

Full Ceremony Recording


  • 3-5 hours of coverage
  • Full ceremony
  • Speeches
  • Multiple angles
  • Good sound
  • Raw, unedited footage from the day (if wanted)
  • Livestreaming also available in certain circumstances

Why record ceremony/speeches?

Photos are awesome and help you remember the day, but one thing they don’t have is sound. So if you want to remember what you and your family and friends said, a full wedding ceremony recording is definitely the way to do it. We can also record speeches.

If you’re family/friends are abroad, livestreaming is also an option we can offer. It requires a quality internet connection, so sometimes it’s possible and sometimes it’s not, but we do have the technology to do it.

Highlight Video


  • 8-hour coverage
  • 3 Locations
  • 3-5 minute “highlight” video
  • Full speeches recorded
  • Full recording of first dance
  • ALL raw, unedited footage

Why get a highlight video?

We try to give viewers a good overview of what happened that day. We get sound of as many things as possible, but we’re not continuously recording throughout. We’re mostly trying to get details, expressions, and snippets of beautiful words and things. As opposed to a full ceremony video, though, it’s much easier to watch, share, and remember.

Full Coverage


  • 8 hours of coverage
  • 3-5 minute highlight video
  • Full ceremony multi-camera
  • Full speeches recorded
  • ALL raw, unedited video clips from the day (if wanted)
  • Livestream available in certain circumstances

Why get everything?

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Remembering it well can bring back the love you feel on this day. That’s why, if you can afford it, definitely document it as well as you can. I personally LOVE the highlight videos the best. But now, as my memory of the ceremony fades, I kind of wish we had a full recording of it.

Wedding Day Portraits


Day-of family portraits and couple pictures. We’ll meet on your wedding day, at a pre-determined location, and we’ll do the traditional family portraits, then 30-40 minutes of pictures with just you two in your wedding clothes. In total they take about 1-2 hours.

Courthouse Elopement


If you’re going to the courthouse, but want some amazing photos, let’s do it! I love doing simple weddings and getting amazing pictures! So this would get you some photos at the courthouse, photos with family/friends, and then going to a beautiful location near you to take some wedding portraits! This also usually also allows time for a couple of hours of candid photos at a nearby reception at a local restaurant or home!

Adventure Elopement


If I was going to get married again, I’d do it this way. I’d start the day driving up to the top of a mountain or the middle of a National Park with a couple of my closest friends and a beautiful wedding dress. Up there, I’d meet with an officiant, and my dearly beloved would hike up the hill after me. Then, we’d get married at the top of a beautiful mountain with nobody but God and our closest friends. This would include my accompanying you for a full day of camping, hiking, and festivities with up to 3 hours of driving from LA.

Real Recent Weddings

What is included?

I’m not a fan of extra costs, so unless it says otherwise, this is all I’ll ever charge you. Unless you want more edits done to your pictures, this is it.

What are proofs?

Proofs are pretty much all the photos from the event, in unedited (or minimal editing) form. Keep in mind most photographers never show these (unless their really bad and don’t know what editing is, haha). So these images can be rough. I do online proofing through my gallery website, which you will use to book me, pay your deposit, etc.

Discount Wedding Photography & Extreme Circumstances

One of my missions is to make good wedding photography available to people who value it, but really just can’t spend the money. So if you or a couple you know has extreme circumstances that don’t allow them to invest in a good photographer, please let me know. Examples include illness, going into nonprofit or missions work, recent catastrophic events, etc. I can’t always give them everything, but we can talk about ways to cut the cost and still get amazing pictures of this special day.