Cinematic Wedding Videography

Matt doesn’t do anything unless he believes he can do an extraordinary job. Although he is an affordable wedding videographer in LA, he is also dedicated to his craft. He strives to make every video better than the one before. He has been a commercial and cinematic filmmaker full-time for about 10 years and has credits in major movies, as well as hundreds of small films.

Affordable Wedding Videography LA

As with photography, we believe in simplicity when it comes to booking a wedding videographer (or videographer team). So just let us know what you need! We give good discounts for booking both photography and videography, as well. It makes it easy to get everything covered from every angle! We also love working together. Along with doing videography together, Mercy is a full-time photographer, and we love shooting weddings together, so we give discounts for booking us together. (Typically $200-$1,000 off, depending on the packages you choose).

Wedding Videography Packages/Prices, Los Angeles

Ceremony ONLY


  • Up to 2 hours of coverage
  • Full ceremony
  • Multiple angles
  • Full sound recording and editing
  • Custom graphics
  • Raw, unedited footage from the day (if wanted)

Why record ceremony/speeches?

Photos are awesome and help you remember the day, but one thing they don’t have is sound. So if you want to remember what you and your family and friends said, a full wedding ceremony recording is definitely the way to do it. We can also record speeches.

If you’re family/friends are abroad, livestreaming is also an option we can offer. It requires a quality internet connection, so sometimes it’s possible and sometimes it’s not, but we do have the technology to do it.

Highlight Video


  • 6-8 hours coverage
  • Two videographers
  • 3 Locations
  • 3-5 minute “highlight” video
  • Full speeches recorded
  • Full recording of first dance
  • “Letters” or vows fully recorded
  • ALL raw, unedited footage

Why get a highlight video?

We try to give viewers a good overview of what happened that day. We get sound of as many things as possible, but we’re not continuously recording throughout. We’re mostly trying to get details, expressions, and snippets of beautiful words and things. As opposed to a full ceremony video, though, it’s much easier to watch, share, and remember.

Highlight + Ceremony


  • Full day coverage
  • 2-3 videographers
  • 3-8 minute highlight video
  • Full ceremony multi-camera recording
  • Full speeches recorded
  • Full first dance recorded
  • ALL raw, unedited video clips from the day (if wanted)
  • Livestream available in certain circumstances

Why get everything?

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Remembering it well can bring back the love you feel on this day. That’s why, if you can afford it, definitely document it as well as you can. I personally LOVE the highlight videos the best. But now, as my memory of the ceremony fades, I kind of wish we had a full recording of it.

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