Hi! My name is Mercy! I do engagement photography in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas! Something that I really encourage people to do is an engagement photography session. I offer it discounted or free with a few of my packages, and there are two reasons why.

Los Angeles engagement photography lets us get to know each other

The best photos happen when a skilled artist knows their subject well. Engagement photography lets me do that. I get to know your quirks, your best features, your personalities, and your story. Knowing that really informs how I take photos the day of the wedding, how I interact with you, and what kind of photos we end up with.

Also, your wedding is likely going to be the most-photographed day in your life (unless you go to London and steal something, haha). It really helps with your stress level if you have some experience and are comfortable with me!

Engagement photos capture YOU as a couple

Wedding photography tries to capture you on your wedding day, sure. But I love my engagement photos because they let us have more flexibility. You can dress in clothes you normally wear. We can go to the spot where you first met. We can do engagement photography on top of mountains, inside dimly-lit restaurants, or during 4th of July fireworks. Years later, as you flip through your engagement photography with your children, you can point out the fashion of the times, the Los Angeles landmarks that have changed (or not), and how young and in love you were.

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