Mercy Recommends

Here are the vendors I’ve really enjoyed working with over the years! I also ask my couples what their experiences were with each of these people. When possible, I’m including links to the weddings I worked with these people.

Matt Hass

My husband, so I have to put him first. He truly is amazing, through. He’s funny, smart, and amazingly talented. He’s also relaxed and experienced, so he knows exactly what he needs to get and doesn’t waste time setting up shots that aren’t worth it.

JohnMark Datingaling (JMSD Films) 

JohnMark is my top recommendation for videography (besides Matt). He’s kind, relaxed on the wedding day, and super talented. I’ve worked with him on probably half-dozen weddings and a number of elopements, plus on commercial projects, and always look forward to the experience.

Justin Lay

I met Justin working at a studio in Los Angeles. He’s a super talented, quiet, calm presence at a wedding. He’s also amazingly talented. He’s not as experienced as JohnMark or Matt, but he’s one of those young guys that works really hard and knows what he’s doing.

Michelle Hsu (Truly Yours LA)

Michelle was organized, kind, and confident. She’s everything I could have asked for in a planner. She made sure everyone knew where they were supposed to be and what was going on. I worked with her on Sarah and Juston’s wedding. It was a large, complex event with a lot of people, moving parts, and a huge bridal party. And she was on top of everything.

Barbara P Ferrer (ido.brides) 

I met this young woman photographing for Tiffany (also an amazing human being) and was really impressed by her from the beginning. She’s kind, professional, and amazingly talented. She did such a good job with natural beauty makeup.

Sam Cota

If you’re looking for something more high-fashion/exaggerated, this girl is your person. She’s definitely a statement makeup person, though. I met her doing movies and SFX makeup, which is definitely more her forte. But she’s an amazing human being and I had to include her on this list.

Stephanie Gardner, Hair 

When I walked into the room, Stephanie was instantly a calm, charming presence, and I loved her work. She specializes in loose, boho-style hair and I loved her work on Tina and Henry’s wedding!

Sierra Bueno Stewart (Beauty by Bueno), hair & makeup

Joshua Tree + Palm Springs. Sierra did a great job on Carolyn and Sean’s wedding! She was also sweet and works in Joshua Tree!

Maggie Smith

Here’s how I explain Maggie: If I’m the wild child, Maggie is the pristine one. Her work is beautiful, precise, and a bit more structured than mine. But when you actually meet her, she’s hilarious, open, and smart.

Noel Lay

Noel is amazing and talented. She’s not as experienced as Maggie or me, but definitely a really fun, talented person with a great eye and an amazing wedding-day presence. I’ve hired her several times as a second shooter.