Maternity Photos

Maternity photos are amazing. You’re at a time in your life where everything is about to change, and, especially with your first, there’s an awe-infused tension that surrounds a couple about to have a baby.

What to Expect

I always encourage people to take pictures at significant times in their lives. Not just because I’m a photographer. It’s because I had a mother who took beautiful pictures at different stages of our childhoods, and now as an adult, I cherish each of those photos and love looking back at her when she was my age, at me when I was a little girl, etc etc.

Maternity Photos: How it Works

Back now! Okay, so when you click “Book Now” for maternity photography, it will take you to my booking website. That button will let you pick the time and day, and ask you to create an account (and pay the deposit). Once that’s done, I’ll get an email. I’ll contact you to discuss location (somewhere around Boise or in Idaho) and what type of “feel” you want your pictures to have. Any other questions you have will be answered at this point, as well. If you need to adjust your date/time, we can do that afterwards, as well.

Then, we meet at the location on the day agreed! The first 15 minutes or so are warm-up, getting to know each other, etc. Then we slowly step into taking real pictures. I’ll pose you gently, but if you’re doing well I won’t step in.

After the session, I’ll upload your proofs ASAP. You’ll get an email from my booking site letting you know your proofs are ready. Proofs are the majority of photos from your shoot. You get to pick which ones you want to download and which ones you want edited. I’ll take your notes and upload a new gallery with your final images on it! Done!