My name is Mercy Hasselblad. I’m a Los Angeles fashion and portrait photographer. I love fashion photography because I love working with faces, designers, and companies.

epic dress landscape fashion photography Los AngelesI also love using epic landscapes in my fashion photography. The dress above had an amazing amount of movement in the chiffon, and the textures of the sand interact beautifully with the texture of the dress. The wind that day also really helped with this dress. The framing of the subject also allows us to easily visualize ourselves in the dress.

What makes us want to buy clothes?

A huge part of it is how it is portrayed in photographs. Yes, it should be beautiful, it should attract the viewers attention. But it should also make us want to be the person in the photograph. We should be able to visualize ourselves in that piece of clothing or jewelry. And we will have the idea that being that person will make us better, prettier, more happy. Fashion sells art, but, like all marketing, fashion photography ultimately makes the viewer feel that they will be more happy or powerful or loved for buying this particular piece.


What I have to charge depends a lot on what type of shoot you’re hoping to do. For example, if you want a simple shoot at sunset, using natural light, with a couple of outfits on a model you provide, I can charge $200-$300/hour. If you want a studio type shoot and need me to provide lighting/space/models, it could be upwards of $3,000-$7,000 for a half or full-day minimum.

I love my work, though, so please contact me and we can work something out.