Newborn Pictures

Newborn pictures in Los Angeles are one of my favorite types of sessions. I know I say that a lot, but there’s something special about doing in-home newborn sessions. It’s usually a week or two after the baby is born, so the parents are kind of settling in but still a little off schedule. They’re still off work usually, getting used to each other, learning about the other, seeing new things every day. In one newborn session I did last year, the little girl smiled FOR THE FIRST TIME. The parents freaked out, I freaked out, and we got amazing photos of this very special moment.


What to Expect in a Newborn Photography Session

I like doing in-home newborn sessions, instead of having you come to a studio. You’re much more comfortable, you have everything you need for the baby, you, etc. I bring props like white sheets, blankets, and a basket.

When I Come to a Newborn Session

So, at the time of the appointment, I’ll come in and look around for a minute. A good spot to clear is one by a big window. Bright homes are a lot easier to photograph in, but I also bring lights just in case. Also, I’m incredibly impressed when anyone cleans their home right after having a baby. Several of my couples have and I’m always flabbergasted. You DO NOT need to clean for me! I’ll get a small portion of the house in the background, if that. If you don’t want to clean, look at how much of the house usually shows up in the photos. Don’t worry about it.

I’m a very low-pressure photographer, which means I’m not super stressed about getting the perfect angle. I want you all to be happy and relaxed. I’ll just nudge you into the right spots, move some stuff around, and stay for as long as it takes to get a good catalog of pictures in various poses, some with the parents, some without.

I go with the flow, so if the little one is fussy and mom has to hold him, I’ll hold back, maybe ask mom to turn a little, then just click away. Then, when he gets a little sleepy, I’ll ask you to put him down on his favorite blanket (maybe on the table or close to the window) and I’ll get shots of little expressions or details. Every session is a little different, so you’ll be surprised at what I can get!

After the Session

After the in-home session, I’ll take the pictures home and upload them ASAP. You’ll get an email with a link to the “Proofs” gallery. The Proofs Gallery is EVERY picture from the session (minus the obviously bad ones). You get to pick which ones you want edited, which ones you just want to keep for sentimental reasons, and which ones you definitely don’t want.

After you go through the proofs, I’ll upload the ones you wanted to your final gallery, where you can download them, order prints, etc!