Acting/Modeling Headshots

Modeling or acting headshots in Los Angeles are different from other headshots. They focus on a specific style, more than just bland business or school headshots. They focus on an accurate depiction of the subject’s face and features, while allowing the viewer to imagine the subject in particular roles or clothing styles. Scroll down to find out more!


Business/Professional Headshots

Pictures for business professionals for marketing purposes. Focuses on portraying the employee in flattering, but serious, light and backdrop. Real estate agents, speakers, lawyers, and salesmen, among others, are professionals who require a good headshot. But really any professional that works with people should have a good photo of themselves for self-promotional purposes.

School Pictures

Portraits taken at the school, usually during school hours, of attending students. Typically, the shoot is done “on spec,” meaning that I don’t get paid anything up-front. Parents buy their favorite photos afterwards and hopefully don’t just screenshot them and post them on FaceBook, haha. During school photos I like to focus on getting the kids relaxed and having fun. I like to make photos a good experience, especially when they’re young.

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