Wedding Album Print and Design

Although I am primarily a Los Angeles wedding photographer, I come from a graphic design background, so one of the things I offer my clients is a custom wedding album design and print.

$500 (Wedding album design and 1 album)

$75 per additional albums

Do I Really Need a Custom Design?

If you’re a real DIY, tech-savvy person and have a few weeks to spare, you’re totally set up to make your own album. But if you’ve ever tried it, you know that there is so much that goes into album design, flow, and materials. I have the tools, random paper information, and design experience to make a stunning, timeless wedding album. Let me help!

Will and Jeri’s Wedding Album

This was one of my favorite, most recent wedding albums, so I wanted to feature it as a sample of what a full album could look like. Obviously, the whole thing was about 40 pages, so I didn’t take photos of all of it, but these were some of my favorite pages. Also, keep in mind that every wedding is a little different (and has different coloring) and I customize the feel of every album towards the couple!

Hannah and Matt’s Wedding Album

This wedding was so unique and beautiful I always have to feature it. I wanted to show the difference in feel and coloring. While Will and Jeri’s wedding was very light and pastel, Hannah and Matt had a moodier, fall wedding, so notice how the colors correspond with that.

Recent Wedding Albums