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Most bachelorette parties follow the vein of a traditional bachelor party and can get pretty raunchy fast. Here are a few alternatives for a clean bachelorette party if that isn’t your thing!

Clean Bachelorette 101 – Get a Box from Purely Bachelorette

I just came across Purely Bachelorette, an event box company that specializes in clean, fun bachelorette party boxes! They include activities, bachelorette sashes, bride tribe tattoos, and various other accessories needed for a bachelorette party. PLUS, they are a very cool company started by two good friends and they focus on inclusion and building community.


Visit a Farm – Alternative Los Angeles Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you aren’t already in farm/ranch country, a visit to a local farm or ranch can be such a fun experience together. That is, after all, what bachelorette parties are supposed to be, right? Especially if the bride is an introvert, being silly around animals is much easier than being stupid in front of a bunch of strangers.


A Sunset Ride up Mount Hollywood in LA for $95/person.

Santa Barbara private group horseback rides (call the ranch for details).

Tour a local organic farm (contact for details) and find out how they work.

Visit any number of local farms for pick-your-own fruit/vegetables and animal interactions. (Cost varies)

Why You Should Still Have a Bachelorette Party

At its core, a good bachelorette party is about a shared experience with amazing girls who have one thing in common: love for the bride. A good party is about doing something new together. Even if it’s uncomfortable, those experiences bring you together as a team. Plus, it’s a good excuse to blow off work and spend time with some of the most amazing women that circle the bride. Keep this in mind as you plan your activities.

Rent a Cabin at a Lake

There are several amazing lakes within a couple of hours of Los Angeles, surprisingly. Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear, and Lake Gregory, to name a few. Renting a cabin near one of these lakes can be a really fun, clean bachelorette party idea. Plan some massages, bring a lot of good food, and figure out some of the bride’s favorite romantic movies. Plan some games (or buy an activity box from Purely Bachelorette) and just have a fun, get-to-know-each-other weekend!

Have a Puppy Party – Clean LA Bachelorette Party Ideas

Believe it or not, puppy parties do exist. And they sound amazing. This company is a group of dog breeders that can bring 10 puppies to your location and provides everything they need for the allotted time. The same company also does reptile parties, if that is your thing.

Cost: $225 for the first hour
$90 for each 30 min after that

Hire a Photographer – Fun Bachelorette Ideas

If the bride is a photo-lover, a photoshoot could be a really fun, clean bachelorette party add-on. You could spend the afternoon getting ready or finding complimentary outfits at a thrift store, and then meet up with a local photographer at a fun spot. I absolutely LOVE doing friend photoshoots, and how extra special would it be if it was the bridal party?!? Find someone with a lot of laughing people in their portfolio, one that focuses on the experience of an “unposed” shoot, and have fun. Another fun photo op is meeting the photographer at an ice cream parlor or vintage diner.


These two are so special! I felt an instant connection with her and her entire family. We took an RV up to Mount Laguna to take their engagement photos. It was a beautiful day, we had a picnic, walked up and down hills, and danced through flowering fields. It was perfection.


Quite awhile ago, Liba and Sasha contacted me about doing photography for their grand Los Angeles wedding. Then, 2020 hit, and nobody was sure what to do. These two decided to get married anyway, and needless to say, it was a good choice. I loved photographing for their backyard microwedding. I’m so proud they decided to get married anyway. Maybe that’s a weird response, but I’m a huge fan of love, and finding your spouse, and marrying them, regardless of how much money you have. That’s one reason I love offering affordable wedding packages and alternatives.


This girl is so talented and gorgeous!! You can’t tell from the headshots, but the way she speaks and her personality is even more gorgeous than her face. It was so fun just to hang out with her, wander the streets, and take some lifestyle photos and acting headshots around West Hollywood!


Amman contacted me early in the year, looking for someone to photograph his surprise proposal to his girlfriend. I was SO EXCITED. So we went back and forth for a little while, came up with a cover story, got rained out the day we were supposed to do it, rescheduled, came up with another story, and then we went!


When these two showed up, ready to rock, dressed super cute, and were willing to walk through tall grass and adventure in nature, I knew we could create something amazing together. They have an amazing festival vibe, appropriate to how they met. I loved doing their Los Angeles engagement pictures.


Back in December these two booked me for their Los Angeles engagement photography. We figured out a spot and met for sunset at the beach. As you can probably tell, we had so much fun taking these photos. They hadn’t really taken couple photos before, but they were willing to do anything I suggested and, of course, it helps that they’re both gorgeous!