Victoria + Matt | Mount Laguna Wedding Photography

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Victoria + Matt | Mount Laguna Wedding Photography

I finished off 2020 with two of the most amazing weddings I’ve ever been honored to photograph. This was the first. Victoria and Matt have a special camp up in Julian where they wanted to be married. They booked me for their Julian wedding photography long before Covid started, but proceeded with their wedding with cautions in place (and nobody got sick, yay!). I have to preface this by saying I met Victoria’s whole family before I ever laid eyes on her. I was exploring the area for their engagement photos and felt comfortable enough to meet her at her house. Her parents let me in, I met the family dog, and her dad and brother talked with me about something random. I was at home. Then I met the grandparents, and we all went up the mountain in an RV for the pictures. It was definitely unique, an amazing bonding experience, and I felt like part of the family.

So when Matt and I were driving up the mountain in the middle of nowhere for the wedding photography and video, I was really excited, but also nervous. More than anything, I wanted to do a good job.

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