Things You Shouldn’t Have to Stress About on Your Wedding Day

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Things You Shouldn’t Have to Stress About on Your Wedding Day

I heard something recently and wanted to pass it along to anyone who will listen. As a Los Angeleswedding photographer, I see a LOT of behind the scenes things at weddings. And here are the top things a lot of brides stress about that really don’t matter.

1. Getting the bottom of your dress dirty

I totally understand this one. It’s a beautiful, white, perfect, pristine dress. But unless you fell into a mud puddle, it’s not likely anyone will notice the little tears or dirt on the bottom of your dress. And after today, chances are you will never wear this dress again. So if you’re doing pictures before the ceremony, take the leap of faith and walk on the grass instead of staying on the cement. If you trust your photographer and she recommends it, you’ll be so happy you did. As a photographer, I don’t take positioning lightly. I would NOT have you walk across a dirty area unless I saw the perfect shot for you two or you and your bridal party.

2. The Garter

All sorts of things happen to the traditional garter. It’s a small bit of lace that tends to get lost. And honestly, not very many people care (unless it’s some sort of family tradition). So if you don’t have one or it keeps falling down, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it. I’d say about 50% of weddings I shoot don’t do the garter toss anyway.

3. Seating chart

Now, I can see how this could blow up, especially if you have a butt family who can’t seem to get along with each other. But honestly, they just got free food and drinks. They can suck it up and talk to someone they don’t know. A lot of times it can lead to very interesting, fulfilling conversations.

4. What People Think

There will always be rude people who care about what your flowers looked like or the slit in the bridesmaid dresses. If that’s what they’re thinking about, they’re on the wrong page. That’s not the point of a wedding. This is such a hard thing to remember, but consider this your monthly reminder. Their opinion doesn’t matter.

5. Anything Else!

It’s your wedding day! In the end, you’re marrying the love of your life! As long as that happens, mission accomplished!

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