Adrian + Melissa | Boise Engagement Pictures

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Adrian + Melissa | Boise Engagement Pictures

Adrian and Melissa contacted me awhile ago, looking for engagement photography in Boise. They already had a wedding photographer in Utah but wanted some sweet before-wedding photos. So we started at the Boise Train Depot, then met later in the day in McCall, Idaho.

I really enjoyed hanging out with these two. They were considerate, complimentary, and just nice to each other. We adventured a little, discovered our original location was flooded out due to high water, regrouped, and ended up taking photos down at the main lake instead of the alpine lake we were planning.

I think my favorite thing about this couple (besides their relationship) was Melissa’s eyes. She has beautiful, sweet eyes that really feel like they’re really looking at you whenever she’s listening. As funny as that sounds, you all should know what I mean.

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