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Gabrielle + Travis

Inside an artist’s chest there beats two hearts. One is weak and ugly. It is necessary, the pessimist, the one who critiques, talks finances, and picks out all the little details that aren’t correct. The other one is colorful, vibrant, relishes the colors of the sunset, and imagines up the most beautiful creations. It never thinks about something as trivial as money or food. Those things just don’t matter compared to the soul-filling joy of CREATING.

When other souls bump into the soul of an artist, they nourish one heart or the other. ESPECIALLY humans the artist loves deeply. This past weekend, I got to photograph the simple uniting of two beautiful souls who nourish the creative heart in each other.

Gabrielle and Travis had a simple ceremony at the Beverly Hills Courthouse. Afterwards, we wandered the grounds, explored a garden, and took some beautiful photos. Then they had a small reception with their closest friends at their favorite restaurant. It was so beautifully simple and low-stress.

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