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Hope House Camping | North Idaho Portrait Photography

One of the things I love to do is mentor young photographers. Matt and I work with a children’s home called Hope House. We do portrait photography, web work, teaching design, and helping with tech. This past week we went camping with them. It was an amazing opportunity to be a positive influence, talk about their future, and just relax and play games with them. These are some of my favorite shots from the trip. A few of these were even taken by one of my apprentices, Ali!

Hope House is a children’s home in Idaho that takes in kids from failed adoptions. They aren’t adoptable, as the parents’ don’t usually want to give them up completely. And sometimes reconciliations do happen and the kids go back to their families. Until then, Hope House takes care of them and educates them in a private setting.

Camping is a campus-wide opportunity. Everyone is invited and most people go. There’s hiking, rafting, lots of games, and just good, old-fashioned getting back to nature.

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