How Long do Family Photos Take? How to make them go super fast!

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How Long do Family Photos Take? How to make them go super fast!

Normally during a wedding there’s time set aside to take posed “looking-at-the-camera” family and bridal party photos. While bridal party photos are usually really straight-forward, family photos can be an organizing mess. So here are a few things we can do ahead of time to make picture time go fast on your wedding day!

unique family photos idaho wedding photographer how to make wedding photos go fasterTalk and plan them out beforehand!

So I always like to plan out family photos with my couples. It makes them go a lot quicker and lowers the stress level! I have a shot list that I send out to couples. They can just fill out out and I have it handy while we’re doing family pictures. I organize it so the groupings are as efficient as possible, and it makes things go a LOT faster!

Let family know when to be there

If you’re doing a first look and family photos before the ceremony, it helps to make sure everyone knows when to be there. Even if you’re doing family photos between the ceremony and the reception, it helps move things along if everyone is on the same page. Normally if we’re doing family pictures before the ceremony, it’s pretty reasonable to schedule everyone to be there 1.5-2 hours ahead of the ceremony. Inevitably, people are late, someone forgets something, or something else happens that delays starting family photos. So it helps to have that bit of extra time. And if your family is notorious for being late, tell them to be there 30 minutes before you’re planning on them being there. It actually works pretty well most of the time.

family photos examples how to make wedding photos go fastLend me a bridesmaid or family member

If you have a loud family member or bridesmaid who can help me round people up, it’s usually a HUGE help. Getting everyone where they’re supposed to be is one of the things that takes the longest, and it always helps if there’s someone who can call the troublemaker out by name and get them to pay attention.

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