Jenna + Cody | Water’s Edge Wedding Photography Boise ID

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Jenna + Cody | Water’s Edge Wedding Photography Boise ID

Jenna is such an amazing planner. Which meant we met over a year before the wedding. She’s one of those beautiful people with a good mix of compassion and strength. Right from the start I knew I would enjoy being her Boise wedding photographer. Although I am primarily a Los Angeles wedding photographer, Jenna booked both Matt and I before we moved. And even with all the crazy Covid-19 stuff, Jenna and Cody had such a gorgeous, meaningful wedding day. (P.S. I also got to do their engagement photos at Table Rock, which were absolutely some of my favorite of the summer!).

Water’s Edge Event Center Wedding Photography

I’ve photographed a few weddings at Water’s Edge Event Center in Eagle, Idaho. Although it is a nice venue in a beautiful area of the city, there are a few things that always drive me a little crazy about this venue. The ceilings are black, which might look nice as far as decor, but on stormy days (or normal days, or after dark) it doesn’t reflect light at all, making my job a lot harder. There are also very few places to take photos if it happens to be rainy. Let me explain. At an ideal venue, there are at least a couple of areas (or corners) where I can tuck people away (from guests) and take photos indoors if the weather is bad. Water’s Edge has a tiny upstairs (with a bad mix of tungsten/florescent lights), a tiny hallway, and then the main ceremony area. Not much else.

They rely a lot on proximity to a beautiful park, outdoor spaces, and the river (which is within walking distance). All of this is amazing, provided the weather holds out. During all of Jenna’s day, I was afraid it was going to rain. I’ve had a couple of weddings here get rain. Thankfully, the weather held up and we got some amazing outdoor pictures (although the sun never made an appearance). But if it had been raining and nobody had umbrellas, we would have been stuck with some not very good options.

Anyway, that’s my evaluation of this venue from a photographer’s point of view.

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