K + T Engagement Photography Oak Canyon Anaheim

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K + T Engagement Photography Oak Canyon Anaheim

I hadn’t shot engagement pictures at Oak Canyon Nature Center in Anaheim before. I had done research beforehand, though, and it looked like a good spot with some variety and some interesting light. So we went for it. Needless to say, I fell a little bit in love. With both the location and the couple. I was honored that K and T chose me to be their wedding photographer and that I got to do engagement photography in Anaheim with them.

Engagement Photography Location Ideas, Anaheim – Oak Canyon Nature Center

So, as far as a location, I loved shooting at Oak Canyon. It features beautiful big trees, bridges, and paths. It also was not super crowded. We went on a weekday close to sunset. I would definitely recommend coming a little earlier. It’s in a small canyon, so the sun leaves really quickly. I also recommend getting a photographer who does not exclusively shoot naturally. Flashes really helped pop out the details of the couple and even the scenery.

Shooting any sort of engagement photography at Oak Canyon does require a permit, but it’s inexpensive and they have good availability (a definite plus in LA!). It was fun just to wander around the park. Towards the end we went up and chased light to get the natural “golden” hues you see in the set towards the end.

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