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Liberty + Daniel | Meridian Wedding Photography

I’m always extra honored when people we know ask us to photograph their wedding. In this case, Matt had known Liberty since his high school days, and we had both met Daniel at Sarah and Jacob’s wedding. So we were so excited to be their Meridian wedding photographers. They got married in Meridian at the Valley Shepherd Church. It’s a beautiful, classic building with traditional arches and stained glass. The families were kind and considerate, and the entire event was a perfect mix of perfection and fun. (P.S. If there was a picture you know I got but don’t see it here, please contact me. I take thousands of photos at a wedding and can’t put all of them on my website, but I’d be happy to share if it’s okay with the couple.)

Why This Wedding was Perfect

I’m not a big fan of complicated weddings. I don’t think it should cost more than a house. But a wedding is also supposed to be special, a once-in-a-lifetime event that you can actually spend some time planning. Liberty and Daniel’s wedding was a good mixture of both. The decor and church was beautiful. Liberty’s dress was amazing.

At the same time, they had a bouncy castle for the kids, family and friends did a lot of the set-up and decor, and everyone brought a pie to share, buffet-style. They had a lot of fun and games during the reception. The shoe game, bingo about the couple, and toss-across to name a few. Children ran free and everyone celebrated love and those closest to them. It was beautiful and special, yet not super complicated or expensive.

Recently I’ve been listening to wedding podcasts to keep up with current trends and photography ideas. And some of the weddings get SOOOOO expensive and complicated. When in reality, it should be a day about you two and your love for each other and those around you. And I know politics and hurt feelings and all that stuff comes into play. But in the end, try to choose the people who will contribute to the love, not the stress, of the day.

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