Parasol Parade: Non-traditional, Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

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Parasol Parade: Non-traditional, Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

non-traditional wedding events, bohemian wedding inspiration, unique wedding traditionsSo a few weeks ago I got to photograph the most artsy, unique wedding I’ve had to date. Koye and Mitch (#koyeandmitchelitsofficial) are one of those couples who come up with non-traditional wedding inspiration. She has bright red bobbed hair, wears retro, and looks adorable doing it. Mitch is a sweet, artistic guy who just perfectly fits with Koye. One of their wedding events was a parasol parade, where they walked with their guests from the ceremony to the reception (just a 20-minute walk away). I’d never seen this before and it was so fun! We all had colorful umbrellas that protected us from the hot sun. It was also genius because it helped with parking (since we were in a downtown area). 

Another thing I loved about this unique wedding event was that it gave the bride and groom a chance to talk to guests. They got to hang out with people who loved them in a pressure-free way. As an introvert, I sometimes struggle with finding comfortable ways to chat with people. But taking a walk with a group of friends is an awesome way to chat and catch up without it being super overwhelming.

Non-Traditional Wedding Inspiration

I always encourage couples to come up with things unique to them. Think of things you love and see if you can incorporate them into your wedding. You don’t have to have a traditional wedding (unless you want). I personally LOVE and remember weddings that are super unique. Weddings are an experience, and it’s an experience about you and your unique personality and relationship. So you don’t have to toss a garter if you don’t want. You don’t have to wear a veil. Weave in elements of your heritage, your new life together, or things that brought you together.

Koye and Mitch’s wedding was so unique and beautiful! She did so many things herself! To see more photos and inspiration from their wedding, see their online wedding album. This isn’t the exact one, but this is where you can get umbrellas similar to Koye’s:

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