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S + Q | Honda Center Elopement Photography

I love marriage. I think marriage is valuable, regardless of how the wedding has to happen. Simple or complex, the wedding doesn’t matter as much as the two people entering into the marriage together. Which is one reason I was so excited when Quique and Sahana asked me to photograph their Covid-19 elopement at the Honda Center. Because this will be a day and a time we will tell our kids about. And when there are photos, it’s so much more of a story.

Honda Center Elopement Photography

Background: because of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of the courthouses are closed or open only on a limited basis. So officiants set up in the ticket booths at the Honda Center, and they are open on an appointment basis to perform marriages. Sahana and Quique just moved to LA from different parts of the country, so they knew very few people and just wanted to be married and start their lives together. They were so gracious, dressed up really nice, and obviously love each other dearly. I was so happy they hired me to record their special day! I also got to be their witness! It was amazing!

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