When Do I Get My Photos Back? Idaho Wedding Photographer

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When Do I Get My Photos Back? Idaho Wedding Photographer

Exactly when you get your photos back varies depending on when you go through your proofs, my work load, and your package. But here are some examples of real weddings and when couples got their photos back. A wedding photo timeline is when you can expect to get proofs, pictures, and edited photos after your wedding.

My philosophy is that if I get pictures back before my next shoot, I can stay on top of the edits and keep up with life. So I work really hard to get pictures back to my couples as soon as possible. AND, I also remember my own wedding and how anxious I was to get my pictures back.

When Do I Get My Photos Back?

J + G Fast Wedding Photos:

  • August 18 | Wedding Day
  • August 19 | First 19 photo edits available
  • August 20 | Proofs available
  • August 21 | Bride sorted through proofs and decided which ones she wanted
  • August 21 | All wedding photos available for download
  • TOTAL: 3 days (a big factor in the speed of this was the fact that the bride had a couple of hours waiting in line at the DMV and just went through all the proofs in that time, while I was also going through them.)

when do i get my pictures backA + J Wedding Photo Timeline:

  • August 11 | Wedding Day
  • August 12, 12:38am | First 17 photo edits available
  • August 13 | Proofs (unedited choices) available
  • August 16 | 404 edited photos available
  • TOTAL: 5 days

wedding photography praying boise idahoS + J Wedding Photos Timeline:

  • March 17 | Wedding Day
  • March 17, 11:43pm | First 24 pictures to the couple
  • March 20 | First 100 edits available
  • March 25 | All wedding photos edited and available to the couple
  • TOTAL: 8 days

wedding photo timeline

K + A Wedding Picture Timeline:

  • July 7 | Wedding Day
  • July 7, 11pm | First edits back to the couple
  • July 9 | First 100 edits available
  • August 5 | Couple finished reviewing the proofs
  • August 6 | All approved photos are uploaded to the gallery
  • TOTAL: 30 days (clients were traveling right after the wedding so didn’t have a chance to approve proofs)

My philosophy of wedding photography includes the idea that pictures frame your memories of the day. That includes how quickly you get your photos back. It also includes things like stress level, your ability to connect with your new spouse, etc. I do everything I can to keep stress down and let you two enjoy your first few hours being married. I help a bit with posing and moving you two around, but I’m a huge advocate of authentic, natural expressions that come when you’re comfortable.

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