Why I Still Offer Affordable Wedding Photography in Los Angeles

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Why I Still Offer Affordable Wedding Photography in Los Angeles

Although I’ve never gotten this question from a client, a lot of other photographers tell me I should raise my prices. My prices are still considered cheap wedding photography in Los Angeles. I like to consider myself an affordable wedding photographer in Los Angeles and Boise. Although I have more expensive packages, I still keep one that is just enough for the time I spend working the wedding. Compared to a lot of GOOD wedding photographers, it’s very affordable. If you want to know why wedding photography costs so much, head over to this blog. So, here’s why I keep a low-cost wedding photography package in my prices.

I Couldn’t Afford a Good Wedding Photographer When I Got Married

Most people are like, really? You really couldn’t afford a wedding photographer?


Matt and I were headed to India right after we got married. We were paying for everything ourselves. We didn’t want to get into debt. Everything we had was going in to plane tickets and the cost of living (assuming we wouldn’t be able to work for at least awhile). And a wedding photographer didn’t seem very high on a priority list like that.

Now, looking back, I wished we would have hired someone really good and somehow made it work financially. Our wedding was one of the most special days of our lives. We were both nervous wrecks. We were young, in love, and dressed up.

But we didn’t.

And now, years later, I really wish we had a really beautiful picture of us on our wedding day to hang in our home. Even just one REALLY artistic, beautiful shot. Even if I had hired someone for a few hours to capture the most important parts of the day and a few really good photos of us together… *sigh*

But we didn’t.

So one of the things I set out to do when I began photographing weddings professionally was, regardless of cost, to give each couple at least a few REALLY GOOD images of their wedding. A wedding is the uniting of two people for eternity. It’s amazing, divine, and things will never be the same. So I want to offer my services within reach to people who, like me, really couldn’t afford a good photographer, but want to remember these moments well.

So that is why I still offer budget-friendly, affordable wedding photography in Los Angeles.

what if i can't afford a wedding photographer?Jesus said to treat others the way you want to be treated. The world can be a vicious place. I want to do something to help people remember the beautiful parts, the times of love.

I don’t mean to compare myself to other AMAZING photographers who charge a lot more. Wedding photography is HARD WORK and it’s stressful and it takes up so much time (time before, the actual day, and editing afterwards). But right now, I can still offer a budget package and it works for me. I have to limit the time I spend on budget weddings. I can’t offer some of the perks or attention of my bigger packages. But couples on a budget should still be able to get some amazing photos.


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