Ashlee + Kawika | Wedding Photography Mountain Home Idaho

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Ashlee + Kawika | Wedding Photography Mountain Home Idaho

Although wedding planning is always hectic, these two had a lot of extra challenges on their plates. However, the actual wedding was beautiful and doing wedding photography for them was easy (and more relaxing than any other wedding this year). Ashlee’s princess gown was easy to photograph, and they obviously loved each other. Doing their wedding photos in Mountain Home was interesting, since I’ve actually only been out there a few times. But it worked out and we ended up with some beautiful images. All the best to you two!

Kawika contacted me on Facebook earlier this year, looking for wedding photography in Boise. I was intrigued right away because he said they were going to get married in the zoo. Although it didn’t work out, I really want to photograph a wedding in the zoo! Both the bride and the groom travel a lot, so wedding planning was a little hectic. But the wedding turned out really nice! They had it on a farm with beautiful trees and an AMAZING view of the hills nearby. Kawika’s family brought a lot of food and everyone had a great time!

Wedding tips learned: Asking family to cook and serve potluck style is a very affordable option for couples on a budget. Food can be a major cost when budgeting a wedding. Keep in mind that food is one part of the wedding that will NOT last beyond the day. Pictures will last generations into the future, handed down. The location is one of the factors of those photos. But rarely does the food, or even photos of the food, last beyond the day. So it is one area you can budget safely.

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