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Matt + Mercy | Los Angeles Beach Photography

So Matt and I haven’t had pictures of us together in a long time. We’ve taken a few here and there on our travels. But for being an Idaho photographer, I have very few pictures of us together! So this trip to Los Angeles, we went to the beach and did some pictures together. I love him.

Matt and I met at church in youth group. For a lot of years, we were good friends. I always knew I could trust him with problems. But we were both busy with getting started in life. We didn’t start dating until college. One day I realized that I never enjoyed my time with anyone as much as I loved spending time with Matt. Every time I got to see him, I found it hard to say good-bye. His optimistic attitude, intelligence, and compassion for others were really easy to be around. We’re going on five years in a month, and it’s been amazing. We spent two years in India, then came back and continued traveling. Now we’re settled in Idaho for the time being. We still love traveling. Our work gives us the ability to travel with pay.

As an Idaho photographer, I was appalled to discover the last real photo session my husband and I did was our wedding. So when we were at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, we did a photo session right around sunset. I love Matt. Part of a family or couple photo session is to show the genuine love they have for each other. And I wanted to remember that for Matt and I.

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