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Beuller Family Photos | Los Angeles Family Photographer

This family was a hoot! They reminded me of why I love doing family photos in Los Angeles and Boise. Family photos are significant, because they take a sliver out of time and show us who we used to be. My mom is an amazing photographer and took a photo of us every year she could. It’s amazing to see the transformations and how we used to behave for photos. 

Which is why…. bit of explanation here. I love capturing families as they are. If you want the perfect, everyone-posed-like-a-model photos, go somewhere else. I love trying to find each unique personality and letting it come through in your photos. Now, if your personality is model-serious and thoughtful, yes, that’s what will come through. But this family had a lot of fun together and the photos portray that. I loved it!

Mercy Hasselblad loves doing family photos in Los Angeles. She believes photography is significant because it reminds us of who we were and how far we’ve come.

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