How to Word a Covid-19 Wedding Cancellation or Postponement

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How to Word a Covid-19 Wedding Cancellation or Postponement

If you have to cancel or postpone your wedding due to coronavirus, telling people is one of the huge, dreary parts of the process. To make things a little easier, here’s a list of sample wordings for an “Un-save the Date” or a Corona cancellation.

Funny Covid-19 Wedding Rescheduled Annoucement Ideas

Corona Came!

But they didn’t bring beer. We have to reschedule. We can’t have our wedding without beer. Stand by for a new date!

Un-Save the Date

We would like to cordially invite you to not come to our wedding on ____ because no one will be there. Unfortunately, although we were really looking forward to celebrating with all of you, we had to cancel due to Covid-19. If you want to come anyway, feel free to dance in front of our venue, socially distanced, of course.

Printable Etsy Wedding Cancellation and Postponement Cards

Etsy is great because they support individuals and small businesses (for the most part). These are digital downloads you can buy and either the seller customizes them for you, or you can customize them using an app or program (there should be clear instructions). Then, you just get them printed or print them through a desktop printer! Since I didn’t know what I was doing the first time I printed something myself, I’m including pro printing tips at the bottom.

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