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Wedding Photography During Coronavirus | My Policies

Hi! If you’re curious, this is a quick note to let you all know how I’m handling this unprecedented pandemic.

If You Have to Reschedule Your Wedding Due to Covid-19

If you have to reschedule your wedding, I’m offering a “no-fault rescheduling,” where we figure out a new date together, and I just move the date/contract to the new date. No extra fees, no price change, etc. Simple move.

If You Decide to Cancel Your Wedding Due to Coronavirus

If you have to cancel, I usually cannot give a deposit back (case-by-case basis), HOWEVER, if you’re getting married anyway, I’ll do wedding day pictures or photograph your elopement, so you get something for your money. I’ve already done a few of these for my couples and the photos come out amazing and add a level of “special day” to your elopement or day.

Hope this helps you decide what to do! I feel so bad for all of my couples and all brides and grooms who planned for so long only to have their special day wiped out! We’ll make it, though! Just let me know if there’s anything you need and don’t hesitate to call or email with questions!

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