Griffith Observatory Elopement | Jake + Darcie

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Griffith Observatory Elopement | Jake + Darcie

If you take one thing away from this post, I want you to take this away: go do a Griffith Observatory elopement. When you do, go elope at sunrise. Go elope at Griffith Observatory at sunrise. Morning is pretty much the only sensible time to have any privacy at a popular spot in California. As a southern California elopement photographer, I’ve learned this the hard way.

When I saw Jake’s well-manicured suit and his almost boyish features, I knew I was glad to get up before the sun that morning. Everyone was so excited, and waited with rapt anticipation for Darcie to make her appearance. This is a wedding I love to capture. Simple, but elegant, with charged anticipation and happy tears. We got Jake to turn around so he wouldn’t see her, then let Darcie tap him on the shoulder. In the early morning silence, he turned and they got their first glimpse of each other.

Eloping at Griffith Observatory

Go elope. For the sake of your own sanity, don’t have a traditional wedding. Go elope with a few of your close friends and family. Get a photographer, an officiant you vibe with, and get married.

Darcie is this beautiful blonde, the picture of the kindest beauty you can imagine. Flawless. Blonde hair, blue eyes, graceful and easygoing. I wanted to keep them all day and just photograph them. But, contrary to popular belief, that’s not what a wedding is about.

The Griffith Observatory elopement officiant was Jacob Jurado. I worked with him twice now, and he’s a good officiant. Very go with the flow, but he makes it personal, and is always happy for the couple. He really seems to genuinely enjoy officiating weddings, and is always super easy to work with. As a photographer, there are a bunch of little things he does that really help me get amazing photographs. Either he’s been a photographer or known one really well.

I’m so honored and happy that these two chose me to be their photographer, and that they had parents who cared enough to fly all the way out and find a photographer, as well! Young love is beautiful to see and amazing to photograph.

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