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Riverside Life Arts Center Wedding Photography | Mykel + Sarah

One of the things I firmly believe, in life, and in the wedding photography industry, is a sort of kinship. We’re all put here on this earth to help each other out. So when Nick Mueller (of the incredible Nick Mueller Photography) reached out to a small photography community, I offered to help. He had a wedding coming up and, for covid reasons, wasn’t comfortable shooting the reception portion of the day. So we agreed on a fee, he got final approval from the mom, and we were all set!

Riverside Life Arts Center Wedding Photography Details

The Riverside Life Arts Center is a gorgeous old building in downtown Riverside, just a short drive from my house in the mountains. Downstairs there are a few spacious rooms for shows, wedding ceremonies, and events. There is also a larger ballroom in the back. Upstairs, they rent space to artists. It gives the entire building a quiet, artistic aura.

Marie, the venue’s coordinator, is a beautiful, kind young woman. She pulled everything off flawlessly and was there the whole time to make things go as smoothly as possible.

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