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Koye + Mitch | Engagement Photography Boise

These two were so much fun! I knew from the moment I met them that I would love taking their engagement pictures in Boise. They both harbor this aura of funky charm. Her choice of clothing and accessories was artsy. His beard tickled her when they hugged. Their ideas for their engagement pictures inspired me. And the final results were AMAZING. Thank you, Koye and Mitch!

What I learned this Engagement Photography Boise shoot

This couple really put a lot of effort into their engagement pictures. They asked a friend to act as their stylist, had three different outfit changes, and thought about what they wanted. Not everyone has the time or desire to go to this much effort, but the results were AMAZING.

I always advise people to take engagement pictures seriously. When possible, use your wedding photographer and use it as a “get to know you” session. (That’s why I like doing them). Sometimes your wedding doesn’t flow the way it was intended and you can’t get some of the pictures you want. Engagement pictures are a lot less pressure. We can do them anytime of the day, we can travel hours, we can play. Engagement pictures let you capture your personality aside from the wedding day.

I loved capturing this couple’s unique personality, Koye’s home, and the various parts of their life that may not be able to be incorporated into the wedding. It was perfect.

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