Sarah + Marc | Downtown Boise Wedding Photography

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Sarah + Marc | Downtown Boise Wedding Photography

I loved being Sarah and Marc’s Boise wedding photographer. These two were adorable, scheduled well, and gave me all the time I wanted to wander around with them and chase light. It was a beautiful day. 

It is clear from working with Mercy that she has a huge passion for capturing life’s special little moments, and has a unique talent for capturing and creating candid shots that make for invaluable memories for her customers. I feel incredibly lucky that I came across the Hasselblad page and booked Mercy. Our day would not have been the same without her there.

What I Learned from Sarah and Marc’s Wedding

One thing that these two did that was a little unusual is that their ceremony was around 1. The reception was set in the afternoon and ended around 6 instead of a late night. But, as you can see, it worked out beautifully. It gave them enough time to mingle as long as they wanted with their guests and take pictures afterwards. Ordinarily, it would be long dark by the time a couple leaves the reception. Usually, we squeeze photos in during the reception sometime, around sunset, and then get back to the party. But this worked out really well and gave us a lot of extra time to really take some gorgeous pictures of the couple (as you can see). Everything was finished by 6 and they had time to relax and have their first dinner together. After the craziness of the wedding day, I’m sure this was a much needed respite.

Father First Look

I’ve done a couple of first looks with dads, and when it’s emotional for the parents, these pictures are always beautiful. Some parents just aren’t that emotionally expressive, but when they are, I’d encourage taking the moment and making it special for your parents. Sarah’s parents and entire family were absolute gems and I loved how they interacted with Sarah the entire day. Sge asked me about a dad first look and I flipped. I love capturing these moments. She didn’t let him see her in her dress and then when she was all ready, he came to see her before the ceremony. It was beautiful.

Congratulations, Sarah and Marc! I loved working with you, you’re both adorable and obviously love each other deeply. Many blessings on your new adventures.

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