Star Wars Inspired Engagement Shoot | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

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Star Wars Inspired Engagement Shoot | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

So although I’m categorizing this as an engagement shoot, it was actually an anniversary shoot. These two have been married TEN YEARS. I couldn’t believe it when they told me. They both look incredible and are so in love. They are adorable. As a Los Angeles wedding photographer, I see a lot of couples in the prime of their “in-love” life. But I rarely see what happens after the last bit of cake has been eaten, the last good-bye said. I absolutely loved getting to capture these two lovebirds ten years after their wedding. People, do anniversary pictures, at least every ten years! It can show you that you’re still in love with each other! 

So I was hesitating going into this shoot because, well, the weather was pretty rainy. Everything was mud. But, scheduling was tight so we took the chance and decided to meet anyway. I drove up this long, windy road into the hills, just looking for a good spot. Finally I came around a corner and there it was. And when they came, we took advantage of the only 30-40 minutes that day that wasn’t drizzling rain. The sunset showed off spectacularly, and we got the perfect engagement photos.

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