What to Bring to a Family Shoot

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What to Bring to a Family Shoot

Having your photo taken can be scary. My mom photographed all of us seven kids every year, so I’ve had so much experience being photographed, and now, being the photographer. During a family photo session in Los Angeles, I do everything I can to help make you all comfortable. But there are a few things you can do and bring that make the process smoother!

  1. Prep the kids and husband. Not negatively, though. Just say something like, “We’re going to hang out with Mercy in the park on Saturday!” Generally, people get nervous when there’s a lot of pressure to perform a certain way. That can backfire. So unless your kids are professional models, keeping it casual gets the most authentic, relaxed expressions out of them. No threats! Keep things positive. 🙂
  2. Taking cell phone pictures of your family can help prepare them, and give them confidence.
  3. Bring toys, snacks, and bribery. Don’t mention it beforehand, but when needed, you can pull it out for motivation.
  4. Don’t expect perfection the first time. Typically my families get a lot more relaxed on the second or third session. Those perfectly posed families on Pinterest? Either not real families or they’re used to getting photographed. I want to capture your family authentically. If that means your boys are running around screaming half the time, I’ll capture that, and that’s okay. Next time will be better.
  5. Think complimentary colors when you’re dressing. Speaking of clothes: pick things that can get dirty if your kids are particularly active. I try to keep things as clean as possible, but nobody is happy if parents are anxiously trying to keep their kids clean. Speaking of which: bring backup outfits for each child!

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