Why I Became an Inexpensive Wedding Photographer in Boise Idaho

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Why I Became an Inexpensive Wedding Photographer in Boise Idaho

Hi! Let’s pretend we’re in a meeting here. You contacted me, looking for inexpensive wedding photography in the Boise area. I gave you my price list, which you liked, and we decided to meet. Here’s a bit of background I may not have given you.

I started photographing weddings because I wanted everyone to be able to have at least a few good pictures of their wedding, regardless of how much they could spend. When I married my husband, we were headed onto the mission field and didn’t have a lot of money to spare. So my sister, who’s a decent photographer with a semi-pro camera, took the pictures. But most people don’t have 3 photographers in their family like I do. And I’ve heard so many stories and seen so many bad wedding pictures. That should not be.

Pictures are so important. A good photographer can help you remember all the joy and nervousness and incredible love you both share. A bad photographer can leave you with nothing artistic to post and bad memories of awkward photo sessions. So when I hear stories or listen to the budgets of young couples, I try really hard to make it work, because I want everyone to remember their special day. I want to capture the magic and the looks and the smiles.

So that’s how I started! I’ve always been really artistic and visual, and I’ve photographed for years. Weddings are a little stressful, but worth it, especially when I’m able to give my couples this gift.

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