Do I Have to do Engagement Pictures?

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Do I Have to do Engagement Pictures?

should i do engagement photos los angeles
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So, when I was getting married, a seemingly unjustifiable cost was engagement photos. You get enough pictures on your wedding day, right??? As a Boise and Los Angeles wedding photographer, I’ve seen couples do them, and do without them. So, here are the pros and cons of doing engagement pictures.

Pro: invitation design can get cheaper

Okay, so this sounds odd, but it’s actually a phenomenon I’ve seen play out many times. If you have a really amazing photo to use in your invitations, the design can be significantly more simple (read, cheaper). You have a lot more printing options, because you really just need a good printer, some words, and a simple way to display it. Really beautiful invitation design without a photo can be costly. Of course, it all depends on what you want and how “sophisticated” you’re trying to get. But it’s something to consider when you’re debating whether or not to do engagement pictures.

Con: Engagement pictures cost money

Duh. This is the biggest reason most people don’t do engagement pictures. HOWEVER, since I’ve seen their benefits (and love doing them), I usually make deals with my couples so they get to do engagement photos. They actually come free with my gold wedding photography, and half off with silver.

should i do engagment photos los angeles
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Pro: Doing an engagement session lets you practice

Your wedding day will probably be the most-photographed day of your life. Couples are significantly more relaxed when they’ve been able to practice being in front of the camera, I’ve seen it first-hand. Plus, as a photographer, I get to find your best sides, your favorite cuddles, and the things that make you laugh. Taking a photo of someone is a really personal thing, it helps tremendously if I can get to know you a little bit.

Con: Scheduling engagement photos

If you and your significant other live in different states/countries, scheduling photos can be the logistical straw that you just can’t handle on top of wedding planning. I totally get that. In this situation, I’ve worked around couple’s schedules to help get it in when they come to tour the venue, for example. But honestly, you just have to weigh what you can handle and what it means to you.

engagement photos star wars engagement photography los angelesPro: Engagement photos allow you to show your personality

Although a wedding should portray your unique personality as a couple, engagement pictures can show it even more. I encourage my couples to come with an outfit that really shows their personality, then one that’s a little more formal. In twenty years, when you look back on your younger self, I want you to remember that crazy trend, your favorite belt, the shoes that you wore when you met, etc.

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