Coronavirus Pandemic



I love marriage. I think marriage is valuable, regardless of how the wedding has to happen. Simple or complex, the wedding doesn’t matter as much as the two people entering into the marriage together. Which is one reason I was so excited when Quique and Sahana asked me to photograph their Covid-19 elopement at the Honda Center. Because this will be a day and a time we will tell our kids about. And when there are photos, it’s so much more of a story.


As with almost all the weddings this summer, Masha and Nate’s was put on hold due to Coronavirus. However, they couldn’t wait, and decided to hold a tiny backyard celebration anyway. They picked up the pieces of their original wedding, did a lot of DIY, made masks, and invited the people closest to them who weren’t as vulnerable. I love photographing backyard weddings. They are near and dear to my heart, since I had one, too.


Quite awhile ago, Liba and Sasha contacted me about doing photography for their grand Los Angeles wedding. Then, 2020 hit, and nobody was sure what to do. These two decided to get married anyway, and needless to say, it was a good choice. I loved photographing for their backyard microwedding. I’m so proud they decided to get married anyway. Maybe that’s a weird response, but I’m a huge fan of love, and finding your spouse, and marrying them, regardless of how much money you have. That’s one reason I love offering affordable wedding packages and alternatives.